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low forehead and brute strength. One meets a different type,
with intelligent eyes and cheerful appearance and an eminently
reasonable temperament. Perhaps the variability of intelli-
gence is decidedly lower among the Chinese than among many
Western races, the same lower variability that we see in the
mental powers of women as compared with variability in


Indeed, the Chinese mind is akin to the feminine mind in

many respects.  Femininity, in fact, is the only word that can

summarize its various aspects.   The qualities of the feminine

intelligence and feminine logic are exactly the qualities of the

Chinese mind.  The Chinese head, like the feminine head, is

full of common sense. It is shy of abstract terms, like women's

speech.   The Chinese way of thinking is synthetic, concrete

and revels in proverbs, like women's conversation. They never

have had higher mathematics of their own, and seldom have

gone beyond the level of arithmetic, like many women, with

the exception of those masculine women prize-winners at

college.1   Women have a surer instinct of life than men, and

the Chinese have it more than other people.   The Chinese

depend largely upon their intuition for solving all nature's

mysteries, that same "intuition" or "sixth sense" which makes

many women believe a thing is so because it is so. And finally

Chinese logic is highly personal, like women's logic. A woman

would not introduce a professor of ichthyology as professor of

ichthyology, but as the brother-in-law of Colonel Harrison

who died in India while she was undergoing an operation for

appendicitis in New York by that lovable old Doctor Cabot

you should look at his handsome forehead.  In the same way,

a Chinese judge cannot think of law as an abstract entity, but

as a flexible quantity as it should be personally applied to

Colonel Huang or Major Li. Accordingly, any law which is

not personal enough to respond to the personality of Colonel

1 This refers, of course, to general womanhood as brought about by the
present social system.